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What's been going on? Where are the newest episodes?

As you may have noticed, Dustin and I have not posted any new episodes for about 6 weeks. We wanted to give you a quick update to let you know that we are still working on the podcast, but we have both had some turns of events in our lives that have caused us to pause on recording and uploading episodes.

Dustin moved from Seymour, Indiana to Nashville, Tennessee in the middle of March, right before the COVID-19 pandemic hit the country. He is currently working as an Executive Coach - Find out more at Dustin Fenton Executive Coaching.

Brandon has recently moved from Marion, Indiana to Ada, Oklahoma where he will be serving as the Vice President for Student Development at East Central University. Within a couple of months his parents will be moving in with him, which we are sure will generate a lot of new life lessons.

As you can see, with both of use moving it has been difficult to coordinate time to record episodes, and our equipment has been in transit for about three weeks while we resettle. Today I was able to get the computer and recording equipment set back up, so our plan is to start up again, and post some episodes soon!

We are looking forward to sharing with you, and as always - if you have a great story to share, let us know and we can arrange a time to hear your story.

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