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Episode 20: Finding One's Calling - Fenway Park

Host(s): Brandon Hill and Dustin Fenton

Guest(s): Fenway Park

Synopsis of the show: Fenway Park shares his process of finding a calling and choosing a major while facing the various struggles of getting a teacher's license.

Story parts:

[00:00:50] – Name story

[00:02:00] – Choosing a major from one’s passion

[00:02:58] – State Tests

[00:03:50] – Philippians 4:6

[00:04:25] – “Teaching is not for you”

[00:05:00] – God doesn’t want me to teach

[00:06:04] – I am still teaching

[00:06:52] – I am not a test taker

[00:08:05] – Two weeks of transformation

[00:09:18] – Barriers in life for a purpose

[00:10:38] – I give hope

[00:11:20] – Advice for others who are lost

[00:12:00] – Questions to ask other – “What is your Journey?”

[00:13:00] – Project that had huge effect on retention rate

[00:13:53] – Tapping into hope

Quotes from the show:

“Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.” [00:03:55]

“Leadership” [00:04:30]

“It is a blessing to not be a teaching in a classroom” [00:07:33]

“I was in a leadership role in High School that it made sense” - [00:08:22]

“It is amazing to see how [things] intertwine” - [00:09:58]

“It is amazing how many people on campus can speak into your life” [00:11:38]

“First year experience is really huge on a student retention” [00:13:35]

Guest Biography:

Fenway Park is his real name, but he has never lived in Boston. Fenway is originally from the well-known Amish Community - Shipshewana, IN. Fenway has been in Muncie, IN for the past three years where he works for Erskine Green Training Institute (EGTI), a postsecondary vocational training for adults with disabilities. During Fenway's time at EGTI he has served as a Student Support Specialist and as recruitment and marketing specialist.

During Fenway's free time, he likes to spend time with his camera in hand capturing moments of life around him. Fenway enjoys spending time with his dog, Lucky, and doing DIY projects around the house.

Fenway Park |

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