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Geography Lesson

The World is Flat

The Internet is making the world a smaller place.  We have had many international partners help us get our podcast up and running.  Our logo was designed in India and animated in Ukraine.  Our music was composed and produced in Morocco, and our email signature was created in Bangladesh, and Brandon's bio photograph was taken by a Chinese student.

Thomas Friedman wrote about this phenomenon in his book, The World is Flat, in 2005.  We no longer have to rely on the industries and companies that are near us in order to partner.  I read this in 2006 and thought that I would never have the capitol to create these kinds of partnerships. 

But there is a website that will help the everyday person to make these connections called Fiverr, which is where we made all the connections to help make our podcast launch successful. 

The World is Flat: News & Updates
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