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Dustin Fenton

Dustin’s mission is to help people achieve more than they thought possible, by helping them stretch out of their comfort zones.  He loves to provide value to those he engages with by connecting them to new ideas or people so they can see success in their lives professionally and personally.  With a background in organizational leadership and nineteen years of working with young professionals he has experience in coaching people to new and greater heights and helping them find the purpose God has for them.

He has had the privilege of facilitating many life-transforming events from mission trips to multiple week-long backcountry trips to advising Christian music festivals.  He most recently served at SpringHill as the General Manager of Indiana Overnight Experiences and served both staff and guests in ways that gave them to the opportunity to achieve more than they thought possible.  His life motto is “There is more in you than you think” which is taken from Kurt Hahn, a patriarch of the experiential education movement.

Dustin has been married to Jan for 18 years and they have two children.  He is a graduate of Greenville University (BS Youth Ministry/Mass Communication) and Azusa Pacific University (MA Organizational Leadership).  He enjoys time with family, reading great books, exploring outdoors, and learning all he can about the intersection of leadership development and transformational experiences.

Dustin Fenton: Meet the Team
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