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Brandon Hill, PhD

Brandon loves collecting stories, whether those are his own experiences, or the experiences of others.  He loves to have adventures and take trips to create new memories.

Brandon has one adult son, Levi, and three exchange students (Jonathan, Luca, and Henry) who he also considers to be part of the family.

Brandon is passionate about adoption, higher education, and developing people.

Brandon has an undergraduate degree in Accounting and Information Science, a Master's in Education, and a Doctorate in Higher Education Administration.

Brandon current serves as Chief Student Affairs Officer at a 4-year private institution.  One of his favorite jobs has been serving as a Resident Director for 7 years where he developed friendships with many people, and experienced a lot of life lessons.

Brandon is a StrengthsQuest Educator Trainer, and loves helping people achieve their maximum potential through discovering and developing their strengths.

Brandon's hobbies include gardening and creating scrapbooks for the family adventures, as they are a great way to capture the stories and life lessons from these experiences.

Brandon Hill: Meet the Team
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