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Episode 21 - Lessons Learned from a Failed Interview - Brett Lyle

Host(s): Brandon Hill and Dustin Fenton

Guest(s): Brett Lyle

Synopsis of the show:

Brett Lyle shares how her calling was confirmed through an interview where she didn't get the job.

Story parts:

[00:01:02] – Power of LinkedIn

[00:02:55] – Bad year to graduate, 2009

[00:03:50] – Life 2.0

[00:05:20] – Sick during interview

[00:06:41] – “You are an Entrepreneur”

[00:07:45] – Seeing something in someone they don’t see in themselves

[00:10:14] – Somebody is reading my label

[00:11:00] – How discover what lights you up

[00:12:10] – Don’t ask “Why not?” Ask “Why Yes?”

[00:13:38] – Brief self-coaching exercise

[00:16:05] – Why a coach

[00:16:54] – Challenge of speaking up

Quotes from the show:

“I light up, grinning ear to ear. No one had ever recognized that in me before” [00:06:48]

“Failure is our biggest opportunity to learn” [00:07:51]

“The greatest distance a person will travel in life is the 14 inches between their heart and their head. - Unknown” [00:15:15]

Guest Biography:

Brett began her coaching career in 2014, with a health and wellness focus, while concurrently serving the Emergency Medical Service industry in business development and public relations roles. Identifying a client need, she launched #BrettLyleCoaching and established personal and professional development programs in 2018. With a more recent focus on career transition and leadership coaching, Brett works alongside business professionals from all industries, coaches, and supports people in setting and executing on defined goals. Most recently, Brett is working with EMS industry consulting firms and publications to support leaders from across the country in their growth and development through her most recent endeavor- creation and production of a healthcare podcast, called #Emergentleadership.


Brett Lyle on Social Media

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