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Episode 22 - How Mindfulness Helped Me through Cancer - Melissa Burt-Gracik

Synopsis of the show:

The art and practice of being mindful and finding, peace, joy, and gratitude in the everyday moments.

Story parts:

[00:00:43] – Tools of the trade

[00:01:38] – The diagnosis

[00:04:13] – Clarity of legacy

[00:05:10] – Clarity of purpose in Legacy

[00:07:15] – Most meaningful I do

[00:08:20] – How to have a good life

[00:09:49] – Perfectionistic becomes egotistical

[00:11:31] – Extra effort to do act of kindness

[00:13:55] – How to be mindful in trials

[00:15:23] – Tickets of permission

[00:18:20] – A parting meditation

Quotes from the show:

“Don’t Google a diagnosis without consulting a specialist” [00:02:25]

“I think it will be in areas of fascination and the deeper meaning of what we all yearn for which is to have a good life and how to archive it with emotional intelligence, mindfulness, compassion, and how to make the world more joyful and alleviate suffering” [00:06:26]

“Perfectionisms caused a lot of pain for me, pain that didn’t need to be there” [00:08:49]

“Meditation was the first stepping stone out of that darker time in my life when I was self-critical.” [00:09:36]

“The more we give to others the more joy we have” [00:11:20]

“Every moment, I believe, has the potential for positive emotions of peace, joy and gratitude” [00:14:39]

“Speak to yourself like a good friend” [00:17:15]

Guest Biography:

Melissa Burt-Gracik holds a B.A. in Communication, an M.A. in Higher Education Administration, and a Master of Divinity degree. She has coached over 325 people from front line employees to the C-Suite and measures her success by the stories that exemplify growth from her clients. When she isn’t working hard to build her business, you can find her hard at work cycling, swimming, or running in preparation for her next triathlon.

Flourish For You, LLC helps businesses increase their employee engagement by co-creating with them a work culture focused on the strengths of their greatest asset: their human capital. Through Flourish Mel helps teams work well together by focusing on their natural talents and the workplace needs that accompany them. Utilizing Gallup’s 12: The Elements of Great Managing, she helps supervisors learn and implement the skills top managers possess. Behavior change is hard, which is why Mel’s coaching clients rave about the growth they’re able to achieve from the one-on-one support they receive to pursue their goals and put action toward becoming the professional they aspire to be. In addition to StrengthsFinder, Mel holds certifications in Meyers Briggs Type Indicator and Emotional Intelligence EQ-i & EQ360 by MultiHealth Systems. Currently she works internally at HME as the Senior Training and Development Specialist.

Mel’s client work includes Hewlett Packard, General Atomics, BD Biosciences, Takeda, Sharp Healthcare, Red Cross, Make A Wish, San Diego Airport Authority, Clovis Community Hospital, University of California San Diego, Stitch Marketing + Research, NWB Environmental Services, Jewish Family Service, and Episcopal Community Services. She has spoken to and inspired audiences at Pepsi, Illumina, and Patagonia.

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