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Episode 9 - Mason Metzger

In this episode Brandon speaks to Mason Metzger, a professional motivational speaker and accessibility consultant who shares a story about his life with Spastic Cerebral Palsy.

[00:01:00] - Mason’s backstory

[00:02:40] - Specialized challenge vs Disability

[00:07:29] - Mason’s Self Advocacy Award

Quotes from the Episode:

“The term disability or other terms to describe a disability such as handicapped or impaired have a negative connotation but when you think about a disability as a specialized challenge it shifts your mind to a more positive way of thinking.” [00:02:30]

“We all have unique lenses in life, the fact that each one of us has a unique sphere of influence and we all have unique gifts, talents and skills, part of my purpose in life is to inspire and equip others to utilize their gifts talents and skills to make an impact within their spheres of influence.” [00:03:50]

Guest Biography: Mason Metzger

21-year-old Mason Metzger is currently a junior at Indiana Wesleyan University studying Human Communication and leadership. Shortly before his first birthday, doctors diagnosed Metzger with a form of cerebral palsy, classified as a person with quadriplegia, Metzger utilizes a power wheelchair to get around.

As an award-winning motivational keynote speaker since August 2014, Metzger has had the opportunity to share his story with a wide range of audiences totaling over 50. Most recently, in 2019, Metzger was the recipient of an international award from the Council for Exceptional Children (CEC) in the category of self-advocacy.

In addition to speaking, Metzger is also an accessibility consultant. Additionally, Metzger serves on the boards of Forte Residential Inc. & Forte Home Health Care Inc.

In the future, Metzger hopes to continue speaking and consulting, and he aspires to become an author.

Social media/contact information

Instagram: motivationalmason_

Twitter: Mason_Metzger

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