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Episode 7 - Last Minute NFL Game

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

In this episode Brandon speaks to Jordan Updike who shares a story about a Last Minute NFL Game that they attended together. Later in the episode they enjoy the fact that they both happened to be at the second NFL game that Brandon ever attended.

[00:01:10] - The last minute Colts game

[00:05:44] - Brandon’s second ever NFL game

[00:07:25] - Life Lessons from the story

Quotes from the Episode:

“Being persistent and requesting can pay out. Take risks more and do unplanned things.” [00:07:39]

“You can’t plan life all the way out because l things don’t always work that way. You’ll have a lot of fun doing spur of the moment things.” [00:08:01]

“It’s good to have balanced perspectives, when two people have different approaches to life there is a lot of power in considering both the planning and spur of the moment adventure sort.” [00:08:12]

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