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Episode 5 - Lifeguard Rescue

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

In this episode Brandon and Dustin speak to Carol Brown and she recounts her story of being a young lifeguard where she nearly lost her life.

[00:00:59] - Carol’s background

[00:01:28] - The summer lifeguard story

[00:09:38] - The need to act in the moment

[00:11:45] - Being prepared, using the tools around us

Quotes from the Episode:

“Sometimes the problems we have are way too big for us and we need others to be there to support us. There are times in life when we do feel alone and we are wishing other people will come to help us and even when we are asking for that help, none may come.” [00:08:42]

“Sometimes they are trying to blow whistles and no one is hearing them when they need help, those whistles can be all kinds of things, but we don’t always pick up on all those signs.” [00:11:13]

“As a leader, somethings even though what we are doing may not be cool or we might be looked down upon, we still need to do what we know is right.” [00:13:06]

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