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Episode 2 - The Beach

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

Episode 2 shares lessons that we have learned from walking on the beach and in the woods. In the podcast Brandon shares about some beautiful shells that he found and realized that they had something living in them. Brandon also wrote a short blog about this on the day that this happened which can be found on his personal site found HERE.

Later Dustin shares about a tree that he found that had grown completely around a fallen branch of another tree. You can see pictures of these adventures below.

[00:01:50] - Living in the joy of the moment

[00:03:46] - The connection between the two warmth’s in life; the atmosphere and the                            heart/mind

[00:05:20] - The Beach

[00:07:07] - Ownership vs Stewardship

[00:08:02] - A walk in the woods

Quotes from the Episode:

“Live in the moment and be thankful for the good things that you have in the moment. Be thankful for the people in your life who are watching out for you and taking care of you.” [00:03:57]

“Sometimes we look at the experiences of other people and wish that we had those experiences and it keeps us from being fully engaged in our own experiences in life  and frankly learning the lessons that we need to learn.” [00:04:35]

“When we try to own beautiful natural things, or maybe even other people, we often are damaging them in the process. Even broken things can be beautiful and treasured.” [00:06:23]

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