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Episode 16 - Learning from a Big Mistake at Work

Synopsis of the show: A opportunity for grace given and received. Guest Ben Weesies share a story about a huge mistake at work and how his boss responded graciously.

Story parts:

[00:01:50] – Busy life with work

[00:02:15] – The Event set up

[00:02:36] – Woke up late!

[00:03:07] – Apology

[00:04:50] – Something different for work

[00:05:10] – The boss’s point of view

[00:06:38] – Importance of Family and empathy for various COVID-19 situations

[00:08:31] – Vulnerability put forth

[00:09:12] – Walking away lighter from the boss

[00:10:18] – Roles Reversed

[00:12:38] – Sometimes we have to find a new role when there are breaking points

[00:14:40] – Have to stop and learn the lessons from our stories

Quotes from the show:

“What we want isn’t necessary the best for us” [00:04:10]

“I was forced into a humble situation” [00:12:01]

“Ask questions of your people in order to care for them” [00:13:21]

“So often we don’t think of outcomes of our experiences” [00:14:10]

Guest Biography:

Ben Weesies lives just outside Indianapolis with his wife and two children. After a 12-year career in the sports/event management industry, he is now Director of Business Operations for a growing personal training business based in the Indianapolis metro area. Ben enjoys opportunities to experience new things with his family, and he especially loves watching his kids compete in their sporting adventures and helping them improve--both at play and in the game of life.


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