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Episode 15 - A Long Journey to Marriage and Faithfulness - Dara Berkhalter

Updated: Jul 26, 2020

Synopsis of the show:

A story of a long journey to marriage and faithfulness.

Story parts:

[00:01:35] – Prayer for a story

[00:02:11] – The guy I am going to marry

[00:03:49] – Dating long distance (6 years)

[00:05:30] – The fleece of a job in Indiana

[00:07:05] – Jason helps me live out God’s plan for my life

[00:07:54] – Mutual investment for life

[00:08:49] – Later Marriage and what that means for me

[00:10:19] – Date outside the bubble

[00:10:51] – How to persevere in times of doubt.

[00:11:54] – The Lord gave us a chapter book

[00:13:15] – Marriage retreat

[00:14:20] – SpringHill Camps

Quotes from the show:

“In the same why he [Jason] pushes me to a certain dream or goal I push him” [00:07:54]

“Enjoy that season of singleness to explore, to learn more about yourself and to really step into that time to figure out who you are” [00:9:57]

“We were able to develop such a great friendship and relationship that has helped us now” [00:12:15]

“We really try to spend time with couples who are older and wiser than us to glean information” [00:12:58]

Guest Biography:

Dr. Dara Berkhalter currently serves as the Chief Development Officer at SpringHill and has spent the past 17 years working in the non-profit and higher education sectors. She’s passionate about helping organizations reach their full potential through their fundraising efforts and encouraging others to live a life of generosity. Dr. Berkhalter has a bachelor’s degree in communications and a Master’s in Business Administration from Taylor University, and holds a Doctorate degree in Higher Education Leadership from the University of Pennsylvania. Dr. Berkhalter has served as the Executive Director of Alumni Relations at Taylor University, and Senior Director of Operations at By The Hand Club for Kids in Chicago, a faith based after school program for students in urban communities. She also currently serves as a visiting professor in the Master of Arts in Higher Education program at Taylor University.


SpringHill Camps

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