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Episode 13 - Called to Work with Refugees - Ryan Smith

Synopsis of the show:

A lesson in compassion by volunteering in Athens Greece to help refugees coming to Europe.

Story parts:

[00:01:18] – Praying for refugees

[00:02:25] – I didn’t know what we were doing

[00:04:06] - Project ELEA first volunteers

[00:05:17] – Initial Fears

[00:07:28] – How to follow God’s will

[00:08:25] – Prayer was the first step

[00:09:52] – Called to be informed and to pray

[00:11:53] – A ‘refugee’ opportunity at home

Quotes from the show:

“It sounded very sketchy in hindsight, but I called him [founder of Project ELEA] and just felt peace with the situation with him” [00:03:58]

“Just see[ing] what God puts in front of us, seeing the man on the road the Samaritan found that was just in front of him. I knew nothing of refugees in the start of my junior year and my friend had me pray, and prayer was the first step” [00:08:08]

“It was a reminder to be informed so I can be compassionate” [00:09:15]

“It is easier [for God] to steer a moving ship” [00:10:19]

“You don’t have to save the world” [0012:42]

Guest Biography: Ryan Smith is a 2017 graduate from Indiana Wesleyan University. He is now in his 4th year of medical school at Indiana University School or Medicine. He hopes to start a combined residency in Medicine-Pediatrics next summer. Outside of school he loves playing Spikeball and cooking with friends.


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