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Episode 10 - Changing Jobs - Emily Humpherys

In this episode Emily Humphreys describes her transition from one career field to another while finding herself along the way.

Story parts:

[00:01:20] – A road trip secret

[00:02:07] – Switching career paths in an abrupt way

[00:03:14] – New skills needed

[00:04:00] – Undercover Resident Director skill activated

[00:04:52] – Departure Lunch

[00:06:07] – 150 different transactions

[00:07:41] – How to ask questions

[00:11:33] – Helping in the midst of crisis (COVID-19)

[00:12:55] – Applying for job you’re not qualified for

Quotes from the show:

“People can be known for who they truly are through thoughtful questions and community building” [00:04:18]

“I remember it was my ultimate goal to be myself and for others to feel they could the same” [00:04:48]

The quickest way to learn a skill is to watch someone do it and then be thrown in immediately” [00:05:36]

“Now…I feel completely fine setting the stage know how the other person is really doing” [00:08:50]

“You just need to apply for all the jobs you feel 50% okay for.” [00:13:47]

Guest Biography:

Emily Humpherys lives in St. Charles, MO with her husband, Scott, and her daughter, Brave. She works in Student Services in public education. Emily is always reading, writing, and rewatching The Office.

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