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Episode 4 - Bicycle Accident

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

In this episode Brandon and Dustin call their friend Jakob Adam who is living in Guatemala and they discuss his cycling story and injury.

[00:02:23] - Jakob's story

[00:06:52] - Lessons learned from bike riding

[00:07:45] - When do you need to use cardio vs strength

Quotes from the Episode:

“Sometimes when those things get hard, when you’re trying to go up a hill, sometimes you have to use your cardio and push your gears a little bit easier and sometimes you have to use strength. I think life is like that as well, sometimes you have to use your heart and sometimes you really just have to use your strength to persevere.” [00:06:55]

“More is in you, than you think.” ~Kurt Hahn [00:09:52]

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