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Episode 1 - Introduction

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

In this inaugural episode we discuss why you should subscribe to our podcast. We talk about lessons you learn can learn from life as you live it and begin the conversation about how you can lead a more fulfilling life. We believe that everyone has a story worth sharing and worth hearing and begin with a story about a blanket game and what key takeaways can be learned from the activity.

[00:00:46] - Why you should subscribe and listen to us

[00:01:36] - Some background on Brandon and Dustin

[00:03:05] - What is our vision for this podcast?

[00:04:30] - Can we learn a lesson from someone that has a different faith or religious background or journey than we do and still apply that lesson to our own spiritual journey?

[00:05:38] - The Blanket Game

[00:08:13] - What were the lessons from the blanket game?

[00:09:38] - Hard skills vs Soft skills

[00:11:13] - Transformation is a power entity

Quotes from the Episode:

“We believe that everyone has a story worth sharing and worth hearing and that  those stories can teach us lessons for better living.” [00:03:05]

“You don’t always need the thing you think you need just to play the game in life.” [00:07:29]

“It’s always fun and games until you learn something, then it’s a teachable moment.” [00:07:54]

“Transformation is such a powerful entity in our lives and when we can capture that transformation and repeat it down the line then we’ve got something but it’s really about trying to figure out how to pause and reflect before that transformation process can even take place.” [00:11:16]

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Peggy Hill
Peggy Hill

Thanks for the lessons learned from episode 4. I learned that sometimes we don't know all the facts about how or why things happen. But, God was in the situation with us to help us through...gave us the strength and heart to press forward. If life had no " accidents", we would become weak spiritually. I want to be strong enough to handle the big issues when they arrive. Blessings on this program.

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